Mazda Vehicle Cleaning & Detailing

The detailing services we offer at Mazda of Stoney Creek are top of the line. Our 10-step process, which is executed by certified professionals, will return your vehicle looking as clean as it did the day it came out of the factory.

Packages & Pricing

Check with our service department at Mazda of Stoney Creek to determine pricing.

Platinum Package $249.00: Hand wash, interior vacuum, gem gloss wax, gem coat paint protection, interior shampoo, interior detailing, fabric/leather treatment, engine shampoo.

Gold Package $149.00: Hand wash, interior vacuum, gem gloss wax, interior shampoo, interior detailing, and fabric/leather treatment.

Silver Package $79.95: Hand wash, interior vacuum, gem gloss wax, floor mats shampoo, windows, and dash and console wiped.

Bronze Package $49.95: Exterior hand wash, windows, dress tires, and clean wheels and rims.

Additional Services

Carpet Shampoo $50 plus tax
Fabric Protection $50 plus tax
Seat Shampoo $50 plus tax Leather Treatment $50 plus tax
Engine Shampoo $50 plus tax Paint Protection $119 plus tax
Wheels Treatment $35 plus tax Mats Shampoo $20 plus tax

The Car Wash & Detailing Process

Front to Back Vehicle Wash

The first step we take in the process is an entire vehicle wash from front to back. Our trained professionals do everything by hand, nothing is run though a car wash and we do not automate any parts of this process.

Our certified technicians will pressure wash your vehicle and wheel wells, which will remove debris and dirt. Then, the technicians will thoroughly hand wash and dry your vehicle, as well as de-ice your locks and carefully dry all door seals and latches.

Interior Clean

The next step in our Car wash & Detailing process is the interior of your vehicle. We will vacuum all carpets, side panels, compartments, trunks, vents, and anywhere else possibly. We even double-check to make sure all dirt and debris is cleared away before moving on. Finally we will steam and shampoo the interior of your vehicle, which includes all carpets, upholstery, leather and trunk. Your vehicle's interior will look just as clean and new as the day you brought it home.

Power Polish

To finish everything off, we leave the most important step for last. A good wash and shampoo are nothing without following up with a Power Polish. A Power Polish will protect your vehicle's finish and help maintain that 'new car' look and feel. Our Power Polish removed contaminants and contributes an extra layer of protection. It will help fix any scuffs and lines, while making your vehicle shine like it was brand new!

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