Mazda ABS Light Service

ABS Light Service & Repair At Mazda of Stoney Creek

Our technicians at Mazda of Stoney Creek are pleased to assist you with any vehicle issue you are having. If your ABS light suddenly appears, do not wait to bring your vehicle in. The problem may be minor, or it could be indicating a major problem.

My Mazda ABS light is staying on, what should I do?

Quite often, the sensor in your ABS is just too sensitive and is activating for no reason at all. For example, if you casually brake on a dry, smooth surface, and the ABS light activates, there is probably just an issue with sensitivity. If this happens, you should bring your vehicle to a trained technician at Mazda of Stoney Creek.

If your ABS light is saying on continually, make sure you did not forget to release your emergency brake. When the emergency brake is left on, the ABS light will also stay on as a reminder. But, if you release the emergency break and the ABS light still is on, that is indicating another issue.

Sometimes the problem is that the emergency brake pedal isn't properly adjusted. Nothing is necessarily wrong, and a simple adjustment to the pedal will remove the ABS light. If in doubt, just bring your vehicle to Mazda of Stoney Creek and we will take a look at it for you.

My Mazda ABS light only comes on momentarily. Is there a chance something is wrong?

Most likely, if your ABS light comes on for a short period of time and then goes off, it is being caused by a minor problem. Your ABS system usually will continue to work just fine if this is the case.

My Mazda ABS light comes on whenever I apply my brakes, regardless of conditions. Is there a problem?

There is a chance that on one side of your braking system, the hydraulic pressure has been lost. There is also a chance that the fluid level in your master cylinder is extremely low, which could mean there is a leak in the system. First, try adding fluid. If that does not fix the issue, it is very likely that you have a leak.

Having a brake fluid leak is rather serious. Your brakes could possibly fail while you are driving your vehicle. It is best that you avoid driving until a trained technician can examine the vehicle. There could be a leak in the calipers, brake line, hose, or possibly the master cylinder.

Will a problem with my Mazda ABS brakes lead to problems with conventional braking?

If the ABS light remains on for too long, most vehicles ABS system will disable itself. Your normal braking will not be hindered, but your ABS system will not be activated in the event of an emergency maneuver.

My Mazda brake warning light & my ABS warning light are both on.

If both your ABS warning light and your brake warning light are on at the time, there is a very serious problem with your vehicle. You should not drive it, as there is a good chance you do not even have functioning brakes. Contact a technician at Mazda of Stoney Creek as soon as possible to find out what your next steps should be!


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